Dangers and Downfalls of UV Tanning

As a sunless professional it’s my job to ensure that clients are educated on the products and services they are using. The tanning industry is largely divided into two categories; sunless and UV tanning beds. In recent years consumers are becoming more informed about the personal care products theyuse on themselves and the ingredients in them, so why do so many people still use tanning beds and UV light to get their skin to glow? I believe the answer is largely due to not knowing how harmful UV tanning actually is to the skin and body. So lets get educated on what the dangers actually are.

Danger #1: Sunburn
When you use a sunbed to tan you are using UV rays to cause a reaction on your skin to create the same reaction on your skin that laying out in the sun will cause. However, that means that we are also causing the same damage to our skin as the sun does, so sunburn is always a risk. A sunburn is caused by too many UV rays reaching the skin and damaging the cells in your epidermis. In response to the damage your body rushes blood to the area in attempt to repair the damage, this is what created the redness associated with a sunburn. The area affected can become inflamed, painful and itchy as your body attempts to repair the damage.

Danger #2: Aging skin
One of the biggest beauty trends that has been around for decades is the desire to look younger. More and more anti-aging products come out every year promising to make your skin look plumper, reduce wrinkles and fight the signs of aging. So if we are desperately trying to fight the aging process with creams and sirums, why do we still use tanning beds? Exposure to UV rays are the primary cause of premature aging (also known as photoaging). Unprotected exposure to UV rays can cause things like wrinkles, dark spots and the appearance of having leathery skin.

Danger #3: Cancer
The big “C” word. A terrifying consiquence of overexposure to UV rays. Melanoma is one of ther most deadly forms of skin cancer and is the form of skin cancer responsible for most skin cancer related deaths. Even though not everyone will develop skin cancer as a result of using tanning beds individuals who have a family history of skin cancer or other cancers do have a predisposition to developing a form of skin cancer by using tanning beds.

Why Use Sunless Tanning Instead
Although it may seem easier to pop down to a local tanning salon and hop in a tanning bed, the long term consiquences on your body far outweigh the short term cheap cost. If you’re purchasing products to defy the aging process then spending 20-30 minutes in a tanning bed a week you are undoing all the good those products are trying to achieve as well as putting your health at risk. By using a sunless spray tan service you can achieve a natural looking glow while using products that are intended to care for your skin, not harm it. You can even add products to a sunless solution to help achieve your beauty goals and firm the skin. By choosing sunless you’re not only getting the glow you deserve.

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