Glowing 365 Days a Year

Are Spray Tans Really Seasonal?

The short answer to this question is no. The long answer is that spray tans can be used all year round no matter what season it is. The better question would be what kind of a glow are you going for? During the summer most people want to go as dark as possible to make themselves look like they just went on vacation. However, during the winter months the sunless world refers to your regular tan as a fall or winter glow. Why? Because that’s exactly what it is. Your technician will be choosing solutions with less DHA (the component of the solution that reacts with your skin) to give you more of a natural and healthy glow.

How Do I Get My Glow?

​It’s simple, during the winter your technician will usually choose a few shades lighter for your skin compared to the darker tones used in the summer. This will result in a natural glow that makes your skin look healthy and bright. To explain in further detail, your technician will choose a solution that has about 6-9% DHA rather than the 9-12% used in the summer months. If you’re choosing a rapid based solution this just means you get to shower sooner rather than later. Most tans have a bronzer in their solutions so that you can see the difference right away, don’t worry; the lighter solutions also have less bronzer in them as well so you won’t look summertime tanned one minute and light glow the next.

Get Glowing Right Now

​Now that we’ve gone into a bit more detail on how a summertime tan differs from a fall/winter glow why not book a glow and try it out. There are many reasons to get your glow on. Some people get a fresh glow when their getting married or attending a wedding, others do it when they’re getting ready for a night out with their friends, others do it because they want to look a bit slimmer and more toned (that’s right, spray tans have that affect). Whatever your reason is for getting your glow on, why wait? Mobile services come to you, rain or shine. So don’t let the weather hold you back Book Now! 

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