Fasting Vs. Grazing

For my entire adult life I have believed that Catholics we're required to fast on Fridays during Lent. I found out this weekend that I was wrong. As you can imagine this was quite a shock.

In my mid 20's when I was really eating bad, I used to go out at midnight on Fridays during lent so I could eat, because I had such bad cravings during the day. Turns out all that self-sacrifice was for nothing.

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This revelation brought up an interesting discussion between my mother and I this weekend.

My mom is a grazer. She eats a little something pretty much every 2 hours all day long.

I am a faster. I eat three meals a day with very few snacks in between.

My mom feels, as do many experts, that eating small meals all day long is a great way to keep your appetite and cravings in check, along with keeping your metabolism up.

I used to be a grazer. Problem was I couldn't limit myself to a few small snacks. Every time I ate I had to over do it. Instead of a fun size snickers or a handful of grapes, I needed two king size candy bars and an ice cream sandwich.

That is why I have settled into my fasting. By avoiding most snacking, I have eliminated the "over doing it" impulsefor the most part.

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