Find Your Inner Beauty

A good way to find yours is to know that it's there right now. Inner beauty is in everyone, even if it's hard to see at first; trust who you are, don't lie to yourself. See if you are proud of who you are, that you enjoy your own company. Look for motivational strategies to assess how you feel about yourself. See how confident you are in yourself. Inner beauty takes time to learn to see.

Finding beauty in others

Get closer with a few friends and see how they feel about themselves, it can be something to compare yourself to. Make stronger bonds with them and learn if you like the person they are inside, and see if there are a few traits they have that you can modify and instill in yourself. Once you know what to look for in other people it will be easy to find it in yourself. The beauty you already hold, you just need to learn how to see them and be proud of them and yourself. Growing more confidence in who you are inside can really help mental stability and the ability to help yourself grow into the person you want to be. A diamond in the rough, it's always there; just needs to be polished up a bit.

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Dont judge people without knowing them

Learning to check yourself is also a great way to learning to look deeper into other people. It can help fight off that clich of Dont judge a book by it's cover. People can be a lot different on the inside then what they appear to be. Judging people before truly knowing them can cause a lot of misunderstandings between people and feelings can get hurt. To learn to not assume from the beginning and taking time to get to know that person, and let them know you is a great path to an amazing relationship.

Seeing inner beauty is a very important trait that everyone should hold. It helps make up what we are; our personalities and feelings. But once we learn to see what we couldn't before, we can grow strongly into a more positive person and hold a positive lifestyle and deeper relationships with others. However, always remember that not everyone you know now will be in your life forever, people come and go, and it's important to take what you can from the experience with them and learn from it, then move on but never forget them.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. ?Elisabeth Kbler-Ross

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