A Wonderful Notion and the Story Behind the Story

The Hollywood image of what Medievalists ate is terribly inaccurate. It was not all beer-hall-brawls and hunks of meat eaten directly off the bone. Food was cherished, appreciated, and daily food ritual was part of everyday life.

Rich or poor, noble or not all lived with the rhythm of what nature provided.Terms like "eat local" didn't exist then because there was only one way to eat: local.The most common way for new flavors and foods to be introduced was through travelers (or invaders) either by river or horseback. Luxuries like sugar we're so rare, that sugar was categorized as a medicine and honey was the main sweetener of the day.

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The foods they ate and preferred were different not only in flavor but sometimes in size, shape, and even color.Carrots for example we're red, yellow, white, or purple, depending on the region one lived in. Often, as in the case of carrots these variations we're more nutritious. The anthocyanins (the color pigments responsible for red, purple, and yellow) are a natural indicator of cancer fighting properties and the medieval carrots we're packed with these properties- slightly more so than their contemporary cousin the orange carrot.

In those times, bread was a holy food and not just any bread. Bread made with spelt, whole wheat, and rye we're most favored by the populace. Meat was also leaner- literally free-range, fruits and vegetables we're eaten in season, and alternative protein sources (think nuts, seeds, and beans) we're the main source of protein for most of the population. Whole grains we're the norm and millet was the staple crop eaten way before the potato was introduced to Europe from the Americas.

Some of the most popular foods of the time might be unknown to you. Ever heard of Skirret? Recently, I watched a cooking show in Germany and the chef discussed the benefits of this flavorful, white root vegetable. Apparently, a farm outside of Munich was growing this vegetable on a small scale. Although, I haven't had it myself it is supposed to have a flavor that is a cross between a carrot and parsnip. If you are lucky enough to live near Amish country there is a good chance that your neighbor is growing it.

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