Perfect Spray Tan Prep

3 Days Prior to Your Tan

When your planning on getting a spray tan there are a few things you need to do prior to your appointment. Make sure to book online in advance to get the time you want. If you’re preparing for a special event and have a few other beauty appointments to get to now is the time. 3 days prior is the perfect time to get your legs waxed, nails done and lashes filled. Waxing should be done as far from your appointment as possible to avoid any residual residue being left on your skin that could act as a barrier between the tanning solution and your skin.

The Day Before Your Tan

The day before your tan you’re going to want to remove any leftover spray tan from your last appointment. Exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells to prep your body for the spray tan. If you don’t wax now is the time to shave your legs, shaving cream can create a barrier on your skin and can cause your spray tan not to develop on your legs so leaving enough time for your skin to dry out is really important. Try your best to avoid moisturizing your skin too much after your shower because you want your skin to be as dry as possible for the tanning solution to develop. If you must moisturize afterwards try and use a light moisturizer and make sure that your spray tanning appointment is more than 8 hours away.

The Day of Your Spray Tan

In order to achieve the perfect tan what your do to prepare the day of is the most important of all. Continue to avoid moisturizing the day of your tan. A few hours before your appointment remove all your makeup with an oil free remover. Using a makeup remover with oils in it can create a barrier between the solution and the skin on your face and could cause the solution not to develop or even worse, case the tan to turn out patchy on your face. Even though a good spray tanning technician will always go lighter with application on the hands, feet and face you don’t want to take any chances.

Perfect Prep is Key

In conclusion, if you’re planning on getting a spray tan preparing properly is more important than almost any other beauty service when it come to how the final results turn out. Spray tanning is one of the only beauty services where the outcome doesn’t just rely on the skill of your technician. The outcome is just as much the responsibility of the client as it is the technicians, but as long as you fallow all the prep instructions down to a T you should expect a beautiful glow that lasts 7-10 days with proper aftercare.

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