Spray Tan Prep Instructions

If you have booked your tan at a pop-up location instructions for arriving for your appointment are at the bottom of the prep instructions for your tan.

How to Prepare for a Spray Tanning Appointment

The Day Before Your Spray Tan

1. Shower no later than 12 hours prior to your tan. Spray tan solution works best on dry skin so if you shower too close to your tan this can cause your tan to be blotchy or not dry correctly
2. Exfoliate the day before or no later than 12 hours prior to your tan
3. Shave the day before your tan or no later than 12 hours prior
4. Do not wear any cream on your body or face. This can act as a barrier between your skin and the tan and the solution will not work in the areas where there is a barrier
5. Try your best to avoid deodorant. This can also create a barrier 

6. Make sure all beauty appointments are 48 hours prior to your tan (especially waxing)

The Day of Your Spray Tan Appointment

​1. Do not wear any cream on your body or face.
2.Remove all makeup prior to your appointment with an oil free cleanser or makeup wipe
​3. Remove deodorant with a damp cloth
4. When your spray tan technician arrives you can show them to a room of your choosing where there is lots of lighting and an electrical outlet. Most clients find that the kitchen is the best area.
5. Make sure you have A/C or fans running if its hot out. If you sweat too much during your session your tan will be streaky.
6. Make sure you have loose clothing to wear after your tan. Examples: sweatpants and baggy t-shirt, lose dress, pajamas

Spray Tan Aftercare Tips

Remember to moisturize

Solutions are often blended with alcohol unless your using water based spray tan solutions. The idea behind using alcohol is that the alcohol will act as a fast acting drying agent to avoid the stickiness you get off oil-based solutions.  Just as the alcohol is drying out your tan, it is also drying out your skin. The more you moisturize, the longer your tan will last. 

No tight clothing after the service

If your a frequent tanner you probably have noticed before some of your spray tan rubbing off on clothing. You may think that this is just the bronzers rubbing off, but with oil-based solutions this is also a strong indication that you are losing DHA as well! Wear dark loose clothing to leave with after your appointment, or avoid oil based tanning solutions all together! 

Don’t rinse off too early

The most detrimental thing you can do to your spray tan is wash it off too early, before the DHA has had a chance to work its magic. This will result in you completely losing your tan. Make sure you follow the recommended time to rinse off given by your technician. Use water ONLY to rinse off for your first shower 

Using products that harm/negatively affect a spray tan

When it comes to your spray tan there are a surprising number of products that can actually harm your tan! Simple and gentle soaps, shampoos, and scrubs that have the fewest ingredients possible are the best to use. The fewer the ingredients, the less likely it is to react negatively with your tan! 

Ocean water/Chlorine/Excessive sweating

After you work out, after you go for a swim, or any other activity that gets salt, dirt, or grime on your body: rinse the chlorine or salt, or whatever it is that you got into, off of your body and then make sure to apply your favorite moisturizer so that your tan can last as long as possible.

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