Why Get a Spray Tan?

Sunless Tanning – A Glowing Industry
In recent years the sunless tanning industry has been growing at a rapid rate. People are looking for a healthy alternative to the traditional tanning beds. There are many reasons why someone would get a spray tan. Some people want to get a spray tan right before a special event such as a wedding, prom or Christmas party. While some are looking for a specialty tan for a fitness or dance competition, these tans are extra dark so that they can be seen under bright stage lights while making you look more toned and fit. However, getting a spray tan doesn’t have to only be reserved for special events. Celebrities often incorporate a spray tan into their regular beauty routine to help give themselves an effortless glow so that they always look good in photos. Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known users of spray tanning, self-tanners and other products to give her that effortless glow. While you may not be living the life of Kim K. you can always paper yourself like her. By adding a spray tan to your routine you can look and feel as glamorous as the stars in Hollywood.
Orange Tan Myth
One of the main concerns people have about adding a spray tan to their regular beauty routine is that they are afraid that the spray tan solution will turn them orange. This is a myth. Back when sunless tanning first came onto the market in the early 1980’s they had a lot of kinks to work out when it came to perfecting the spray tan solution. Getting a spray tan in 2019 is nothing like the Stone Age days where you come out looking like an ompalompa straight out of the chocolate factory. When you get a spray tan from Coco Glow you get a natural solution that is PETA certified and vegan friendly. By colour matching your skin with the right tanning solution you get a customized natural glow that looks flawless.
Choosing Your Tanning Technician
One thing to take into consideration when choosing who should perform your spray tan is where the technician was trained. Not every training program is the same. Some trainers only train with a specific brand of products, most of the time the reason the trainer does this is because they want you to only purchase the product through them so that they can continue making money off of the sale of their products after you leave. Some trainers will teach you a basic technique and in return you can come join their team and work under an umbrella of their company. However, Coco Glow was trained differently. Our certification was done by Bronzed By Bloom in her professional studio in Toronto. For those of you who have never heard of Bronzed by Bloom, it is one of the top rated sunless studios in Toronto as featured by Elle Canada and Flare Magazine. The owner Emily Bloom was trained by none other than Jimmy Coco, the Kardashian GO TO spray tan artist. The training was extremely thorough and covered everything from solution theory, colour matching solutions to skin tones and the technical aspects of doing an amazing spray tan. By completing this certification and shadowing Emily for a day Coco Glow can provide clients with the highest level of service and flawless tans.

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